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Friday, November 09, 2007


The Pakistan Horticulture and Export Development Board is the leading organisation in this country for promoting an industry that contributes 12% to agricultural GDP and for which there is enormous potential. Pakistan grows the full range of horticultural crops from tropical bananas in coastal Sindh, through mango and citrus in Punjab, apples and grapes in Balochistan to apricots, peaches and unique medicinal plants such as Sea Buckthorn in the Himalayan foothills. Floriculture is another sub-sector that offers huge opportunities for investment. FoodWorks (via the Competitive Support Fund) is working with PHDEB and an inter-ministerial Task Force to formulate initiatives covering all aspects of the industry. However the focus is on improving quality especially via infrastructure. A multi-million dollar project financed by the World Bank entitled the "Northern Trade Corridor" includes provision for building packhouses, cool storage facilities and a pool of reefer containers. For more information check out the PHDEB website at or contact the CEO Mr. Shamoon Sadiq on

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