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Our Team

Our FoodWorks Team consists of a Principal Managing Partner, Senior Managing Partners and a group of Senior Associate Partners, each covering a specific discipline in which they are professionally engaged. This means that we bring immediately relevant knowledge and current experience to each project. 

Each expert has a separate detailed Profile page which you can also reach by clicking on the person's name below. (Notes 1 and 2) 


Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin,
Principal Managing Partner/ Chief Economist

- British
- Military service in Corps of Royal Engineers
- MA University of Oxford (Economics)
- 30+ years as an agribusiness and food value chain specialist

Robert H. Lindley,
Senior Managing Partner, Fisheries

- British
- School of Maritime Studies in Plymouth for his Degree in Fisheries Science followed by a postgraduate Diploma in Grimsby in Fisheries Management 
25 other fisheries related assignments, long and short, in Africa, in the South Pacific, the Middle East and Asia

Edward S.F. Vernon,
Senior Managing Partner, Horticulture and Marketing

- British
- BSc in Horticulture from the University of Bath, Masters Degree in Marketing and Product Management from Cranfield University.
- 30 years experience of the entire agricultural value chain (with a focus on horticulture) extending from farming through agricultural product marketing.
Runs his own agribusiness in Laos -  Happy Farmers Limited

Dr. Steven C. Shepley PhD. DSc.
Senior Managing Partner for Agricultural Value Chain Strategic Development

- American
- 40 years experience of the developing world in Asia and Africa
- Doctorates in Agricultural Economics and Quantum  Physics
- Runs his own produce export firm in Thailand

Dr. Shane Patrick Tarr PhD.
Director, Social and Environmental Safeguards/
Regional Director, Greater-Mekong Sub-region and the Pacific

- New Zealand
- Associate Professor at University of Adelaide
- Doctorate in Development Studies
- MSoc.Sc. Asian Sociology
- DipAgr Sc. Farming Systems
- Extensive experience in gender and rural development and social and environmental safeguards in Asia/Pacific

                                                                      Senior Associate Partners

John A. Carter, Institutional Development, Governance, Environment, and Natural Resource Management Consulting
Chris Catto-Smith, Cool Chain and Perishable Handling
Gregory John Cullen, Horticulture (Seeds and Orchards)
William W. Fiebig, Climate-smart Agriculture
Lorraine C. Follett, Social, Environment and Food Safeguards
Dr Bjorn Hammarberg Pharmaceutical & Vaccine (human and veterinary use) and Biosafety
Dr. Andrew W. Harvey PhDEconomics, Environment and Ecology
Stephen R. Lindsay, Aquaculture
Eliot Masters, Agriculture
Professor Steven M. Newman PhD Environmental Business, Climate Change and Agro-Forestry
Pradeep K. Patnaik, Agribusiness
Jim Quinn, Finance and Investment (including private equity and institutional funding)
Nick Shirra, Agriculture
Justen O. Smith, Livestock and Extension
Geoff Walker, Livestock and Dairy
Edward "Ted" Capron Winston, Tropical Horticulture and Coffee Agronomist
Peter Lindsay WulfSenior Associate Partner, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Institutional and Capacity Development, Governance, Environmental Law
Matt Zimmerman, Agriculture and Agribusiness Development


We expect to add other Senior Associate Partners to the team.  We do so by invitation only (please check the page Working With FoodWorks).

Please contact any of us directly on the emails provided on profile pages, we are delighted to hear from you. We can also provide full CVs on request.

Note 1: FoodWorks Company Limited is owned by Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin, who has full, sole legal responsibility and authority as Principal Managing Partner, but is managed on an informal and cooperative basis by a committee of three persons (named above).  "Senior Partners", Senior Associate Partners", "Partners" and "Associates" are those persons who have agreed to work under the FoodWorks brand or "umbrella", representing themselves as FoodWorks when appropriate and as agreed by FoodWorks management. Designation does not imply that the person is employed by FoodWorks (except when under specific contract) neither does it imply that the named person has any obligations (legal or financial) or responsibility for FoodWorks activities or reports, advisories, or deliverables unless specified under an individual contract or agreement. Similarly FoodWorks is not responsible for the activities, reports, advisories or deliverables of the named persons unless specified under an individual contract or agreement. 

Note 2: Individuals are listed alphabetically.