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On this page we provide free downloads to some of our reports that are in the public domain or otherwise unencumbered by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (see Note 1 below).

The idea is to make useful information available and to provide examples of the kind of work that we have undertaken in the past and are capable of doing again.

Please click on the title lines and the link will take you to a download.

Afghanistan - Agricultural Survey

This short survey is focused on a specific area - Tarnak Farm - near Kandahar City. Prepared in 2010 for USAID,  it is preliminary work to help understand the basic agricultural parameters for developing this site. The abridged report is heavily redacted to remove any tactical information.

Cambodia - Corn Investment Project Concept

This project was undertaken by FoodWorks as part of a joint-venture and now forms one of the project concepts for our Agribusiness Investment Fund (see post).  The work was undertaken in 2011 and the deliverable includes a full "proof of concept" report as well as this PowerPoint presentation.

Georgia - Rural Support Project Assessment

This is an abridged and (heavily) redacted report written in 2010 as an assessment of a proposed USAID project.

Iraq - Fruit Juice Factory Feasibility Study

Undertaken under contract by Agland Investment Service and The Louis Berger Group for the "Inma" (Ar. "growth") Agribusiness Program in Baghdad and Erbil in 2011. The PowerPoint is accompanied by a 100-page report (not provided).

Laos - Overview of Agriculture

This report was prepared as part of an Asian Development Bank loan assessment; the document is a technical appendix.

Pakistan: The following reports and studies were undertaken under contract with the Competitiveness Support Fund to which FoodWorks provided advisory services on agriculture and fisheries from 2007 to 2009.

- Wheat and Flour Industry Study
- Policy Analysis on the Competitive Advantage of the Food Processing Industry
- Action Plan for Fish Quality and Value Adding at Karachi Fish Harbour 
- Horticulture Action Plan

Pakistan - Livestock Industry Study

This report was undertaken in 2008 in association with Experience International, Inc. for a UAE-based private sector investor. All proprietary sections have been deleted and this abridged version only provides technical information on the livestock, meat and dairy industries.

Regional - Women in the Economy

These project concepts were prepared for the Richard Chandler Corporation in a joint venture between FW and Jetspark Specialist Support Service Limited of the UK.

Serbia - "White Paper" for Municipal Growth Project

This paper was prepared in 2009 on behalf of International Relief & Development (IRD), a US-based "not for profit company.  It was tabled with USAID and other public stakeholders to stimulate discussion about the next phase of work in this domain.

South Sudan - Agricultural Assessment of the Equatorial Zone

This report was undertaken in 2011 for a major US-based "not-for-profit" company.  The report is in abridged and redacted form to remove any proprietary information, business information or corporate references.

Tanzania - Agricultural Sector Assessment

This report was undertaken in 2010 for a major US-based "not-for-profit" company.  The report is in abridged and redacted form to remove any proprietary information, business information or corporate references.

Thailand - Fishing Industry

This overview note was prepared in 2006 as part of a briefing for the Delegation of the European Community.

Thailand - Fish Farm Case Study

GQ-B was the part-owner of a private investment company. One of its more successful ventures was a tilapia fish hatchery.  This case study describes details of the Farm's development. It provides a real-world example of the issues affecting investment in this sector.

Yemen - Case Study of Community Stabilization

This Case Study, prepared in 2009, was part of a pre-qualification for a USAID project.  The study was prepared solely by GQ-B.  The client name has been redacted and no proprietary data is included. It does provide an example of our work undertaken in very challenging conditions (field work was extremely hazardous) and ability to write in a focused way.

Our Technical and Engineering Background in the Food Industry

And finally.... a piece of our technical history.  FoodWorks grew out of projects with our then parent company undertaken in 2003-04 in China and Malaysia for Procter&Gamble building snack food equipment.  This PowerPoint gives a perspective on our food industry and technology roots.


Note 1: We take confidentiality extremely seriously as one of the fundamental platforms of our reputation and our approach.  These selected reports are not encumbered by confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements; in all cases they are archived work and not covered by any existing contract. In places they have been redacted or abridged to remove any references to clients or client proprietary information. Others are already in the public domain via websites. We always try to seek approval from clients before referencing the work.