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FoodWorks provides a wide range of fee-based professional expert and consulting services focused on agriculture (including horticulture, fisheries and livestock), agribusiness, the food industry and life sciences.

These include:
- Due diligence for agriculture and agribusiness investments
- Feasibility studies and project identification
- Financial analysis
- Environmental studies (including climate change)
- Value chain analysis
- Market studies and economic analysis
- Project implementation
- Project and supply management (including cool chain and perishable handling)

Please check out Our Team for profiles of our senior associate partners and specialists.

Client Working Arrangements

We provide expert services in return for fees. FoodWorks is a specialist services company not an investment house.

Our experts work as a cooperative. This means we minimize overhead costs, share profits  and keep fees as low as possible.  Unlike other consulting companies, the experts in the company work constantly in their own specialist fields so their professional knowledge is current.  

In specific cases we link with known partner or affiliated companies that provide services other than our own. For example of our Project Partners, click here

Expert Working Arrangements

We only work with professionals that have genuine documented expertise in their claimed discipline and country/region.  For an understanding of the qualifications and experience required of our experts please look at "Working with FoodWorks".

Click here for an example of an expert Capability Statement