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Working with FoodWorks

In pursuing our Vision, Mission and Goals we only want to work with senior, highly experienced professionals.

We work on a cooperative basis. This means that we add a minimum administrative and marketing margin to an expert's basic fee (unlike most companies that cover large overheads) and we are willing to negotiate a profit share with individuals. We aim to provide our client's with the benefits of a knowledge-based management structure and support but at the least cost fee based on international norms.

We are NOT offering full-time employment at this stage, though such opportunities may arise as projects are implemented (see Note 1).

Experts we want to hear from

We want to hear from experts in the following broad disciplines:

- Agriculture
- Agribusiness
- Agro-ecology
- Agro-forestry
- Agricultural science
- Agronomy
- Animal husbandry
- Biomass
- Competitiveness
- "Clean Tech"
- Cool chains and storage
- Economics
- Engineering (especially food process, factory construction)
- Environment (especially evaluators)
- Extension
- Farm machinery
- Farm management
- Fertilizer
- Fishery (inland and marine)
- Financial analysis (of agribusiness)
- Floriculture
- Food industry
- Horticulture (fruits and vegetables)
- Industrial crops (sugar, rubber)
- Irrigation
- Livestock (meat and dairy)
- Marketing
- Monitoring and Evaluation (of agricultural/rural-based projects)
- Plantation management (especially oil palm, rubber, beverage crops)
- Policy formulation
- Process design
- Quality assurance and standards (including e.g, HACCP, WorldGap)
- Renewable energy
- Rural development
- Seeds
- Soil Science
- Staple crops (especially corn, wheat, oilseeds)
- Value chain analysis

Qualifications and Experience

To be termed an "expert" or "specialist" we require the following minimum qualifications and experience (see Note 2):

- 10 years professional experience working as a professional consultant or specialist in the claimed area of expertise or specialisation (we appreciate that areas overlap, so e.g., an "economist" is likely to have done value chain analysis and financial analysis).

- Masters degree in a relevant or related discipline (we understand that a "Farm manager" might have a degree in soil science, economics or animal husbandry) to the claimed area of expertise. We take into account that older professionals may only have a first degree or diploma or a professional certificate and we adjust for experience.

- Ability to write formal reports in excellent English. You must be able to write clearly and concisely and meet reporting deadlines.

-  Experience in Asia-Pacific (including the 'Stans), Africa (preferably East, North or Horn), and the Middle East.  We do not work in Latin America or Eastern Europe at the moment.

- A minimum of 5 years work experience in the region you claim.  Residency is NOT a qualification, paid work is!  We prefer to work with people who are culturally and linguistically sensitive - you don't need to be fluent, but you should be able to hail a taxi, order a coffee and not insult your local counterparts. We also prefer to work with people who have experience in various countries in their chosen region, not single-country specialists.

If you meet ALL these requirements and wish to be considered, please send a CV.

Your CV needs to set out in no more than 5 pages:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Experience (by country, client and project name with a short description)
  • Contact details

 Send it to:

Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin
Managing Director

All emails will be replied to.

Note 1:  This is NOT an offer of employment.  We have no specific projects in mind. The aim of this page is to help build our network and database of specialists.

Note 2: FoodWorks unfortunately cannot offer positions or consultancies to new graduates and those building their professional experience; we wish them well.  We do not have positions for interns.