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Iraq - pomegranates
South Sudan - Market in Yambio
South Sudan - en route to Juba from Yei
Thailand - Jim Thompson's Farm
Afghanistan- irrigated horticulture
Afghanistan - travel and work
Cambodia - rice fields 
Uzbekistan - equipment audit

Uzbekistan - mandatory vodka
Cambodia - Dragon fruit

Afghanistan - Eddie Vernon at Tarnak Farm
Pakistan - Competitiveness  Support Fund

Georgia - backyard agribusiness

Afghanistan - on patrol in Kandahar

Laos - canning factory

Uzbekistan - seed cleaning facility

South Sudan - Bob Lindley and Nile Perch

Afghanistan - tribal meeting

Afghanistan - Geoff Q-B hard at work

Afghanistan -  GQB in the field

Georgia - Caucasus Mountains

Uzbekistan - ADB Grains Team 
Pakistan - Karachi Fish Harbour

GQB with saffron traders in Herat City 2012
Yemen - urban horticulture