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Friday, November 20, 2009


Belgrade - a pretty dramatic and interesting change from Islamabad! However elements of this work have been similar to the competitiveness activities in Pakistan. Geoff Quartermaine Bastin has just spent a month assessing USAID's Economic Growth Program (EGP) that includes an Agribusiness Project that has focused on small enterprise development throughout Serbia. The Agbiz Project is primed by Development Alternatives Inc. The Project has 195 'clients' and aims at increasing enterprise sales and creating jobs. A successful example of the work is a family-owned company called Bio-Trend Donato, a producer of prepackaged salads, dressings and vegetable-based sauces in Novi-Sad where the Project helped develop a new marketing plan, improved product packaging and increased sales by $1 million as the result of a sponsored visit to a major trade fair in Germany. For more information on this particular activity with Bio-Trend see

Serbia is a fascinating country with a huge scope for agricultural development and FoodWorks hopes to return sometime in the not too distant future.

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