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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pakistan: Comparative Advantage Study of the Food Processing Sector for the Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF)

The Competitveness Support Fund (CSF) has been set-up with the sponsorship/ financial assistance of USAID and the Ministry of Finance. It undertakes studies to determine the existing competitiveness of selected industrial sectors and to make policy recommendations to the highest level of the Government. The primary objective of the Study to be undertaken by FoodWorks in November ‘06 thru January 2007 is to evaluate the competitive advantage of the food processing industry and its opportunities for growth along with identification of the problems/obstacles faced by the sector. Food processing is the largest industry in Pakistan and it continues to grow as the use of processed food becomes popular especially in the cities. The list of sub-sectors includes beverages, dairy, fruits and vegetables, snack foods and cereal-based foods (wheat and rice), meat, confectionery and vegetable oil (including vegetable ghee).

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